Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Divorce For de Pregnant Man

Remember this "guy" ?

Thomas Beatie the woman who would be man ... but ... kept "his" reproductive parts while having "his" body mutilated by having "his" boobs removed and taking meds to give "him" the appearance of a man.

In case you, as I, didn't know "he" not only gave birth to a child which gave him more than 15 minutes of fame, but also had two others. Then decided that instead of eight is enough, "he" and "his" "wife" decided three are enough.

In 2003 "he" had legal documentation which says she was a "he" and thus "married" Nancy but apparently the bliss didn't continue as "he" sought a divorce in Arizona.

[ pregnant pause for writer to continue ]

However, surprise, a judge in the Grand Canyon state says, nope, no way Jose'.

You see the judge says "his" and her marriage is one of same-sex which of course Arizona doesn't recognize. According to reports the judge doesn't quite see "he" as being a "he" since "he" has given birth to three children, ergo "he" is a she.

In the judge's argument he can't find any legal authority which defines a man as someone who can give birth. And to add to that, he (the judge .. a real he) doesn't have permission to divorce a couple who in his opinion was never married in the first place.

So it goes, fifteen minutes of fame not quite well thought out as to what would happen "if" .
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