Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PBS' In The Life Comes To An End

About an hour ago the website for PBS' award winning program In The Life tweeted a link to a "farewell my lovelies" letter explaining the program will come to an end this December 20 years after it began its run.

Started back in 1992 with its often hard to find programming as many PBS stations in local markets didn't carry it because of its "content", that being about all things gay, its following grew as for many years, long before LOGO, it was the only way for de gay to get a look at itself. LOGO as you probably know through the infinite wisdom (?) of the powers that be at Viacom has decided to make the once only for de gay channel to go "mainstream".

This writer will certainly miss In The Life, which I myself for a very long time could only view on WNET-TV from NYC as our PBS broadcast channels here in Connecticut didn't (or was it wouldn't ?) carry it.

You can read the full letter at the link above.

From this writer and on behalf of a grateful LGBT community, a big hug and kiss to the producers of the show and also PBS who had the courage to air such a series when PBS was continually attacked from the Religious and Conservative Right for doing so.

In The Life Media was founded in 1992 on the belief that real stories about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are our greatest asset in the fight for equality. By bringing those stories into living rooms across the country for the past 20 years, ITLM has shattered stereotypes and helped pave the way for today’s LGBT movement. In the process, we have evolved into the most honored and respected producer of LGBT journalism on television and online.

Much has changed since our programming first premiered. LGBT people now figure prominently in television news and media. Lesbian and gay soldiers serve openly and proudly in the military. A majority of Americans, including our President, support marriage equality. Studies show that visibility is the driving force behind this rapid shift in cultural attitudes toward the LGBT community. As the media organization that pioneered LGBT visibility on television, we believe ITLM played a significant role in this historic progress.

Today, we pause to celebrate ITLM’s remarkable legacy and announce a conclusion and a new direction.
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