Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sean Savoy Returns To The Air

Sean Savoy, talk show host, minister and "spiritualist" whose radio program House of Savoy was canceled by Reno, NV radio station KKFT-FM last month returned to the airwaves today on another Reno radio station KJFK-AM.

According to dialog during the beginning of today's program the producers of the show, Nevada Matters Media, hope to offer
House of Savoy to other radio stations in Nevada and parts of the West.

The cancellation at KKFT-FM created an uproar in the LGBT media, blogs and support groups such as GLAAD when the program was axed by the station owner Jerry Evans (no relation) because of one edition of the program which discussed LGBT issues.

While several bloggers, including this writer, misinterpreted the "self-promotion" of Sean Savoy about his show being canceled as just that, to get another venue or stir up the "troops" to rail against KKFT-FM for the cancellation of the show as being an anti-gay move on the part of station management, this writer at least, now is of the opinion had Savoy not issued notice about the show's cancellation on FB and Twitter and get some coverage through the LGBT venues of media this homophobic act of a radio station owner would have gone unnoticed.

I'll be talking LIVE with Sean Savoy on my new BlogTalkRadio show, Focus On The Rainbow, on Wednesday September 19 at 12:30 AM ET (Tuesday September 18 9:30 PM PT) in which we'll discuss the show being cancelled by KKFT-FM and its new home on KJFK-AM.

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