Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Robert Kosilek Bilks MA Taxpayers

This miscreant Robert Kosilek and because of an equally miscreant federal judge will now be bilking MA taxpayers as this murderer of his wife in 1990 gets to become a faux paux female.

US District Judge Mark Wolf said, female hormones have "helped somewhat," but the inmate "continues to suffer intense mental anguish" because she truly believes she is a woman trapped in a man's body. That anguish alone constitutes a serious medical need," Wolf wrote. "It also places him at high risk of killing himself if his major mental illness is not adequately treated." according to the article at Huff Post.
Well gee we wouldn't want this miserable fuck to kill himself now would we ?

And I suppose once this wannabe event happens he'll then be moved to a women's prison where he can prey on women as a "lesbian".

So there you are me lads, murder someone in The Bay State, go to prison for life instead of having a date with old sparky and you too will be able to be turned into the bride of Bubba at the expense of taxpayers.
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