Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Lord Please Please Make It Stop

As you good regular readers noticed I haven't posted much this past week, not because of not feeling good, nothing to opine about nor make fun of, but because my ever dying brain cells have been overcome and saturated by all the political poppie-poop of late as we head down to Election Day 2012.

I can sum up in one word from where I sit, well make it two words, what I see not only on the news, in after debate commentary, on FB and on Twitter, plus what I find reprehensible, attacks on Romney's family members.

Fucking childish !

Here we are, and supposedly taking a serious look at the two men, one of which will represent us as President, and what do I see but soundbites, talking heads and silly ass photo-shopped anti-Romney crap.

Look this isn't an endorsement one way or the other of who should be elected, that goes with me in private to the voting booth, but if the only arguments folks can throw up is references to Big Bird and the like, just shut the fuck up.

Going on FB these days is like looking at stuff that kids in kindergarten would do and think that they have just created Pulitzer Prize winning material.

I'll be glad when this comes to an end in a couple of weeks, then they can hurrah or cry like babies ... ad nauseum and just out of spite I hope they end up crying.

Below is the person I'm endorsing for President as I did in 1972 and voted for in my first opportunity to vote. Politics back then were a joy to follow compared to today.

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