Thursday, January 31, 2013

The New Normal Is Nine Inches WTF

So are you a size queen  or do you shrink at the thought of your .. ahem short comings?

Well according to an article at the website ProjectQAtlanta a discussion was held recently about the size of Oh Henry particularly in the world of de gay and bi-guy.

No this ain't about the ladies boo-de-ayes or their boobies, it about the dick and how the owners of the average size of 5 and a half often put more pressure on themselves than required just because porn likes to show the more endowed than the shorties.

It's not what ya got but how ya use it .. or allow others to do so.

So you size queens out there ya'll just keep going missing the opportunity of having a good fling just because some guys don't measure up to your fantasies.

Besides it not how much you can stuff in your orifice but what you do with it.

Or so I've heard from little Henry's.

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