Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spinning The News For de Gayness

Well they did it again this time outdoing themselves to find a way, any way to put a gay spin on current news events.

After the horrific and senseless bombings in Boston during last Monday's Patriot's Day Boston Marathon the gay press found a way to put a gay spin on the news.

They promoted and salivated in delight over a cover photo taken in the aftermath of the bombing of three police officers giving aid to a fallen Marathon participant.

One of the police officers in the photo according to the gay press is an out and open gay man.

This appears to be the only reason the gay press even mentioned the bombing on their assorted blogs and websites because that officer who appeared in the photo is gay.

Had he not been gay the photo would have been a blip on their radar screen of ever needing to find de gay in everything whether newsworthy or not.

The last and least important thing about the police officer is the fact he is openly gay.

The most important thing is that he and many others including regular folks assisted others at a time of mayhem and chaos not knowing if there would be more explosions or assaults of one kind or another against  those in attendance at the Marathon.

To highlight and profile the police officer only because he is gay is not only an insult to him but to all those who happen not to be gay but were all heroes on that fateful spring day in 2013 but not worth getting a keystroke.

The gay press just doesn't get it and unfortunately never will as they need to spin the news with a Rainbow flavor or if they can't, they find the news not worth reporting and appearing in the content of their media.
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