Saturday, September 29, 2012

KD Lang Splits Up With Jamie Price

While it's a happy day for Thomas Roberts and his longtime companion Patrick Abner as they wed today, not so the news for out and proud Country-Western singer KD Lang as word has come that her and longtime companion Jamie Price's domestic partnership has come to a final close after they separated back in 2011.

The two met back in 2003 several years after Lang officially came out back in 1992 in an article in The Advocate .

In an interview with a Canadian LGBT news website Lang said,"Coming out as a lesbian was important," she said. "When you’re holding in things or not being honest, all these things affect your voice. My voice is definitely designated to who I am as a person.

If nothing else these two events show that LGBTs are just like everyone else, happiness, trials, tribulations and sometimes separation. And again the collective we ask those opposed to same-sex marriage and LGBTs in general, how does what we do affect you ?

Short answer ... it doesn't.
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