Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gay Baiting The LGBT Press

All too often the LGBT press, bloggers and elites help to give too much publicity and sometimes in error to Conservatives and Christian Fundamentalists.

Case in point over in the UK as reported by Martin Pendergast for The Guardian UK the gay baiting by fundamentalists who sent out press releases in regards to boycotting Tesco for its support of Pride London and World Pride.

As Pendergast writes in part, The gay media all too readily fall into the trap set for them by the likes of the Christian Institute, or Christian Concern for Our Nation, giving wider publicity – and hence credibility – to what are often non-stories.

Since fundamentalists mount homophobically inspired boycotts at the drop of a hat, so the LGBT media should respond smartly.

One which fell for the gay bait was Pink News when they ran an article on December 23, 2011 as an "exclusive" which reads in part, Supermarket giant Tesco does not plan to sponsor Pride London again after next year, can confirm, only days after the Christian Institute called for shoppers to boycott the retailer.

The company, which employs nearly half a million staff, told its preference is to “support projects with practical benefits rather than events”, and that this applies universally across its charitable giving.

For the record as Pendergast reports Tesco rejects the claims of the Christian Institute and will continue to support and/or sponsor LGBT events.

No doubt a copy/paste frenzy took place as often happens by many who take things at face value by one of the pink press or blogs/websites without actually doing any journalistic investigation. Unfortunately this is nothing new and will continue ad nauseum by those who claim to be reliable news sites and "citizen journalists" for LGBTs as they continue the rampant publicity for anti-LGBT groups or offer up false news reports.

Journalistic credibility is sorely missing in the world of LGBTs as long as no one has to answer for their misguided and sometimes misreporting without all the facts which should be known before running a story. Journalism 101 is put on the back burner while the correct terminology of ones sexual identity is much more paramount for writers of LGBT news. To error the latter creates such an uproar the ground shakes.
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