Monday, February 13, 2012

Lady Gaga Skips End Of The Show

Lady Gagness appeared to skip out of the Grammy Awards after not getting best album of the year and passed over in all her nominations.

After the final award was given and before the big finale and I mean BIG with Sir Paul McCartney and friends, just before going to commercial break the director of the show took a wide angle shot showing the audience and there was her Gagness walking with scepter in hand apparently leaving the show before it ended.

Of course I could be wrong, perhaps she had to go potty or her limo was double parked, but it gave this writer and I'm sure others an image of a spoiled sport leaving because she was panned for awards.

By the way and I'm sure it's a generational thing but doesn't anyone tell this young lady how ridiculous she looks in some of these get ups ? Oh I know it's a Madonna thing but at least Madonna had the talent and where-with-all to pull off some of her more outrageous costume appearances. But then I suppose loveliness is in the eye of the beholder.

It's like one of my cuz'in-laws once said about the GREAT Stevie Wonder. If he could see how some of his cronies do his hair he'd shoot them.

As far as the awards which were won (of those I saw) it was good to see some "good old fashion" type music artists and songs win rather than some of the screechers with ear piecering guitars flailing and other buffoons who have won in the past.

Sorry boys and girls while I do have a wide range of taste in music I don't care to be screamed at (never cared much for many of the hard rock bands) and I like to be able to understand the lyrics forthcoming from a performer's mouth.

A well done and subdued tribute to Whitney Houston in the Memoriam part of the show.

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