Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kicking de Elites In da Boo e Aye

There are some I'm sure who happen across this blog either via searches of one sort or another, or via a link somewhere in the vast blogosphere, who when I write that out there are others who are like minded when it comes to my take on the Elites both bloggers and websites and orgs, sit back and say OH BULLSHIT !!! before moving on elsewhere.

Here's a little proof from a blog I don't read nor do I the know the person who writes it. In fact another blogger sent me this link in an email. The blog is called Enough Non-Sense and the title of the posting is "Engorged With Self-Importance" which takes a look at Bil (that's Bill with one L) of Bilerico and his recent posting(s) about some in the Trans community. The writer also calls into question the validity of other blogs and participants. Fasten your seat belts those of you boot licking followers of the blogs mentioned in the posting as it may cause you to slip below the computer and onto the floor.

I'd like to highlight just some of the things written, which like minded as myself, the writer looks through the Elite smoke and mirrors and calls a spade a spade.

I need to mention a couple of things before I go on. First off, Bilerico, PHB, and all the rest are blogs…BLOGS !!! Blogs are not the New York Times, or Newsweek, or National Geographic, or JAMA. Anyone…ANYONE…can start a blog for absolutely nothing…no monetary output at all. So why does Bil Browning need money to support it? I’ll tell you why. Once in a blue moon a blog is deemed so newsworthy that the blog is bought for huge sums of money…for example The Huffington Post. But blogs like The Huffington Post hire professional reporters, professional writers, professional editors and are truly online news services. For whatever Bilerico Project or PHB is, one thing they are many light years from being is a Huffington Post. Still, in the atmosphere of self-important delusion, perhaps Bil Browning feels he’s got a shot.

Another thing is the myth of the so-called new media reporter. How many times have we heard Autumn Sandeen refer to herself as a new media reporter? Ugh. These so-called new media reporters love to put up blog headlines something like this: BREAKING: Blah, Blah, Blah. Then ones scans the piece to find it’s something that’s old news and already been plastered on one of the real, legitimate news outlets. BREAKING? What a joke.

But, wait, you say…these blogs are award winning. Yes, they are. Zoe Brain’s blog was “Voted Best ANZ Blog not owned by Rupert Murdoch.” LMAO. Those italics should tell you something for sure. Both Bilerico and PHB have also won awards for being good gay blogs…so fucking what? Who outside the homosexual community gives a good flying fuck? No one, that’s who. One blogger goes on and on and on an on about how she’s a Trinity Award Winner. Well, kudos up my ass to you, Miss Trinity Award Winner…but who gives a shit. You won a Trinity Award from a now virtually defunct organization, IFGE, that was started by crossdressers for crossdressers and that no one but crossdressers gives a damn about…certainly no one outside of the GLBT has even heard of either the organization or the award. But, by all means, lottie dah to you.

And there's more in this well written posting about the Elites.
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