Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Archie Bunker Queers And Fags

Dear Archie Bunker never met a person he didn't like to make fun of because of who or what they are.

All In The Family which was America's version of a popular TV show in England, Till Death Do Us Part, ran on CBS from 1971 to 1979 followed for another four years as Archie's Place after Archie's beloved dingbat wife Edith died.

What All In The Family showed us back then and even today is how dumb and stupid people are who are bigoted and biased.

However can you imagine if the LGBT Elites of bloggerdumb and orgs like GLAAD had been around.

We would never have seen Archie go into his tirade about fags and queers, never saw the episodes of Edith's drag queen friend who gets killed and not learned that one of Archie's old friends from school was "a fruit ".

Nope they would have turned out like the mobs in the old Frankenstein movies yelling and screaming while carrying their torches and burning down CBS' Television City in Hollywood and scaling Black Rock, CBS headquarters in New York City, like so many little King Kongs crying out de gay has been defamed.

"Good Night Nurse" as Archie would say.

You see boys and girls sometimes (?) these Elites go overboard in their yelling and screaming about the perceived wrong doing against de gay, enough so to put a cork up de boo-de-aye of creativity in the Media, advertsing, Hollywood and beyond.

And whilst I think about it have you ever heard a peep out of them when these episodes have been rerun countless times over the years ?

Perhaps they get it, at least in the case of All In The Family, to stifle because folks can learn something from the portrayal of bigoted and biased stupidity.

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