Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Linda McMahon Wins Senate

Well she has won the Connecticut US Senate Republican primary beating out Chris Shays and in doing so did it with spending less money than last time.

Voter turnout here on Tuesday was predictable with primaries, low turnout only about 30% with more Reps than Demos voting across the state.

So what made the difference this time ?

In the mind and eyes of this former reporter of local, state and national elections in Connecticut she had a theme that worked.

I'm just like you.

Her ads and her public appearances were down to earth. Gone was the air of self-made privilege amassed from her vast company the WWE which is based in Stamford.

In her ads she discusses being with child while she and husband Vince were in college, having to file for bankruptcy and starting over.

Her campaign did something few can do and amazingly for a Republican, have people relate to her and past circumstance no matter their political belief or stand.

It will be interesting to see this November how Independents vote and if she swings moderate Demos over with her down-home approach.

My prediction is she will win the seat being vacated by I-Senator Joe Lieberman and my 5th Congressional District will go back to the Republican side too.

I'll also predict unless Obama can get out the voter count of four years ago when it comes to November it's going to be a tight race with possibly the Republicans squeaking out a win.

You see boys and girls the vast majority of Americans don't give a hoot about LGBTs.

At this point and time it's about getting work, getting the economy to rebound, getting home prices back up .. in short it's the economy stupid.

And as far as Medicare don't get sucked into all the Liberal bias on that one.

Much to the chagrin I'm sure of CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Tuesday perfectly explained the deal about Medicare and it's not the doom and gloom the Liberals try to pass off.

Hard pill for you to swallow perhaps but this isn't the year for all things gay, in fact it's less than ever. Better luck next go round.

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