Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Gay Episcopal Bishop

While Dan Savage has joined the jackass ranking of atheist and church hater Joe Jervis during his anti-religion ranting last month before hundreds of high school students and caused many students to walk out during what was supposed to be a lecture on bullying, there is news to celebrate which will no doubt cause Savage and Jervis do back flips in their anti-religion cesspool as it has been announced a married gay priest of the Episcopal Church is being considered as a replacement for Bishop of New Hampshire Gene Robinson.

Reports came out Monday that Reverend William W. Rich who is a senior associate pastor at the Trinity Church in Boston, MA has been nominated by a search committee in replacing the retiring Robinson.

Robinson who was elevated to Bishop in 2003 has cited as one reason for stepping down and retiring death threats which have been made against him.

The selection of the new Bishop will be held later this month on the 19th in Concord, NH by secret ballot with 200 clergy and lay elected leaders casting votes.

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