Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marilyn Monroe A Lesbian

GayStarNews on Sunday ran an article about Norma Jean, Hollywood's famous Marilyn Monroe in which in a new "tell all book" tells of one of Hollywood's most famous and yet tragic figures, that Monroe was a closeted lesbian which may help explain some of her inner demons and foibles.

In Marilyn Monroe: Private And Undisclosed, writer Michelle Morgan reveals the star's complex and even tortured story. A struggle with the sex symbol icon that, in fact, seems to have trapped her.

Referring to transcripts used by Morgan for her book, These testimonies are also corroborated by the taped transcripts of Monroe’s sessions with Dr Ralph Greenson, the psychoanalyst she saw towards the end of her life.

In the session transcripts Monroe also admitted to having sexual encounters with actresses Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor.

Shortly before Monroe signed with Columbia Pictures in 1948, she met Natasha Lytess, with whom she seemed to have had a love relationship.

Monroe told her close friend, actor Ted Jordan, that she and Natasha were sleeping together: ‘Why not?’ she said. ‘Sex is something you do with people you like. What could be wrong with a natural act?’

Of course we most likely will never know what is truth and fiction as is always the case in these "tell all books" when all of those writtten about are gone and aren't around to pursue legal action for untruths but if the truth about Monroe is accurate it may help explain one of the reasons for her too early demise and suicide.

And adds even more mystique to the legend that was Marilyn Monroe.

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