Friday, September 21, 2012

Senator McCain The Sky Didn't Fall

Remember how Senator John McCain fought long and hard (ummm .... not that way boys and girls) to keep Don't Ask Don't Tell from being repealed.

Well of course you do, if not you haven't been watching any TV and reading articles as we have now celebrated the one year anniversary of the repeal of DADT.

McCain all but said the sky would fall in, implied showers and dropping bars of soap would constitute new pay grades for hazardous duty and soldiers and sailors alike would have to barricade their bunks.

Perish the thought what might happen on submarines.

Then of course there were those dastardly lezzies to have to worry about.

Foxholes would be renamed manholes, sorties would mean unwanted schlepping up the boo-de-aye and on and on. Of course the wicked bisexuals would fuck the shit out of everyone.

A video reminder from our beloved Rachel Maddow in which she slam dunks old Ironside.

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