Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tampa Lez Top Cop To de Rescue

Honest to God some folks will grasp at anything of de gay to make a claim or prove a point.

Enter Lynette Mae, self-described police officer and writer.

In a piece at Huff Post she gives all the credit to a mostly orderly little event recently held in Tampa to the city's police chief.

Not because Jane Castor and her staff did a good job in prevailing right over wrong, keeping things orderly and serving justice when it needed to be served.

No not because of these things but .. hold on to your pantyhose boys and girls .... because Chief of Police Jane Castor is a lesbian.

Go ahead kids go get that drink .. I made a cup of coffee before writing this.

I submit to you that Tampa had a secret weapon, more powerful than any well-armed force, ultra-rich conservatives, or devious anarchist hell bent on destruction and violence to incite the masses. Tampa has L-Chief.

All righty then.

I'm sure Ms. Castor will be glad to know, according to Ms. Mae, the redeeming quality in which Ms. Castor does a good job is because of her sexual identity.
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