Friday, August 31, 2012

KKFT-FM Axes Sean Savoy Show

So there's all this buzz and outrage over KKFT-FM canceling minister and "spiritualist" Sean Savoy's radio program, House of Savoy on Sunday evenings, allegedly according to Savoy "because he interviewed an LGBT advocate".

Of course everyone is jumping on the bandwagon including the ever predictable GLAAD which is doing one of its "howling dogs barking" campaign at the radio station and station owner Jerry Evans (no relation thank you very much) for the "firing" and accepting at face value that the reason the show was axed is Savoy's explanation.

GLAAD and others even go to the extent of calling this "censorship". Funny that coming from GLAAD which has a "NO AIR" hit-list of those who shouldn't appear in the media because of their views of all things LGBT.

Though it could be true (with no comment from station management at the time of this posting) what most likely no one has even bothered to notice except for myself because I worked in the radio biz is this one little note of fact.

Savoy's show which has been labeled as a "public affairs" program started airing in September 2011 with his show now canceled in August 2012.

That's a year's run folks and perhaps ... oh dare I say it .... Savoy's contract was only for a year and was not extended ? But because the station is a "FOX News affiliate" and practically all its programming line-up is conservative talk radio makes the reason for Savoy's alleged firing for de gay all the more palatable for the LGBT fire and brimstoners. Also "public affairs" programs often air at the "whim" of station owners and/or management.

So outraged is Savoy he has decided to officially come out of the closet.

Gee .. it took this for him to kick open the door ?

Now the last I knew anyone in radio (or other media), on-air or behind the scenes unless you're union or have an excellent contract (even that can have stipulation clauses for firing) can be axed at anytime, such is the nature of the beast. To wit I say .... hey Sean grow up and grow a pair of big ones.

It wasn't fair that in 2006 over 120 of us at CBS Radio got downsized, and it may not be fair you got axed either, but before everyone automatically concludes that Savoy's reason for getting the axe is true there may be more to the story after all we haven't as yet heard both sides of the story.

So I'm sorry you lost your one night weekly gig but as the great Linda Ellerbee use to say, .... and so it goes.

Welcome to radio Sean ... you're getting more than your fifteen minutes of fame ... or could that be the intent all along in getting this story out to de gay press and cut/paste copycats while you "look for a new home" for your show.

Only Savoy and the management at KKFT-FM know for sure.

UPDATE - 9/3/12 - I've invited Sean to an interview on my upcoming radio show on BlogTalkRadio to clear up any misrepresentations which apparently I and others have/are taking on this.

I look forward to his acceptance of this invitation to hear "the rest of the story".

UPDATE - 9/4/12 - In case you haven't heard it, this is the interview which caused so much consternation for station owner Jerry Evans to cancel Sean Savoy's weekly program.

On Wednesday (9/5) I hope to talk with Sean about doing the Focus On The Rainbow blogtalkradio show in a week or so. If that happens I will also certainly ask KKFT-FM for their side too, as unlikely that will be. But in any case we can at least hear Sean's side of the story, complete and without speculation or misrepresentation as to what and why his show was canceled.

UPDATE - 9/07/12 - I'm pleased to announce that Sean Savoy will be talking to this writer on the new BlogTalkRadio show version of Focus On The Rainbow.

The tentative broadcast date will be Wednesday 9/19 at 12:30 AM (Tuesday 9/18 at 9:30 PM).

As we get closer to the broadcast date there will be a posting about the program and what listeners can expect from Sean Savoy and this writer.

Focus On The Rainbow on BlogTalkRadio premieres Wednesday 9/12 at 12:30 AM (Tuesday 9/11 at 9:30 PM) with an open topic show for listeners to call in and discuss LGBT topics.

All broadcasts are 30 minutes in length and LIVE without commercial interruption.
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