Tuesday, October 16, 2012

De Bisexual Nemesis Of James Bond

So in the new James Bond flick Skyfall, the villain is Silva portrayed by Spanish hunk Javier Bardem.

The LGBT websites are tripping over their dropped undies because they report Silva is gay and tries to seduce Bond (played by Daniel Craig) while he is tied up in a chair.

Actually from the little bit I've read Silva is most likely bisexual, or it could all be just a come on to make Mr. Bond as uncomfortable as possible, but of course that doesn't work with this line from James to Silva, "What makes you think this is my first time ?".

But what if Silva is gay or bisexual, as we know, in the end, nothing good comes of the Bond villains. Which brings me to this thought.

How long before the likes of GLAAD start complaining that yet again a member of LGBT is being portrayed in a negative light, one which shows "the only good gay is a dead gay".

The clock is running, not only for Silva but for the protesting to begin .. tick .. tick .. tick.

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