Monday, October 15, 2012

Jealousy The Peril Of Being Bisexual

It's not often I promote a blog which I come across but Aroused Woman authored by Trish Causey is worth adding to your favorites whether you're a straight gal, lesbian, bisexual or just a guy wanting to learn more about women and the all important how to please and get along with a woman.

What brought me to Causey's website was this posting about a bisexual man telling his girlfriend about his wants and needs to full-fill being bi and the jealousy it brought about for his girlfriend, not just worrying about his want of other women, but also men.

Unless one is hooked up with another bi or an open minded partner it can cause great consternation for the unsuspecting partner when all is laid on the table about true feelings of oneself and wanting to be the real person and sexual identify one needs to be.

Causey who herself is bisexual gives the questioner of "Ask Trish" some guidance without being condescending nor judgemental. And it's worth a read if for nothing else to see how uneasy it can be for members of the L & G (and of course straight) not understanding where we B's are coming from in not only our identity but also sexual gratification.

Aroused Woman, because of photos and subject matter, is one for adults only and certainly those with an open mind on all things sexual in nature. But one which I do recommend.
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