Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Sex Change Op For Murderer

Another voice of reason has spoken out over the opposition of MA taxpayers footing the bill for a sex change op for wife murderer Robert Kosilek.

Congressman Barney Frank in an interview with MetroWeekly said the following about Kosilek's wish to convert from he to she, "I think it should be clear she has a right to present herself as a woman, and that should be honored by the prison system," Frank said, but he added that asking taxpayers to foot the bill for her surgery was a mistake. "There are other medical procedures that are denied to convicted murderers," Frank said.

This will no doubt raise the ire and ruffle the bloomers of some members of the T who look beyond the reason why Kosilek is in prison and the crime he committed and charge those (including this writer) who oppose, not the surgery itself but the idea that taxpayers should pay for it, with being transphobic.

They only see Kosilek as one of their adopted "own" and keep harping on the theme of "cruel and unusual punishment".

I wonder if they would also be speaking out in favor of Kosilek if he were a murdering pedophile which in and of itself would speak volumes as to where their priorities are when it comes to "equality for all things T". Of course how would they be able to say no as that would make them hypocrites of their "righteous cause".

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