Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sam Champion Out And Is Engaged

Okay so you've read or heard about this all day on Friday but it's still nice to add this bit of news to the archives of this blog of those in the media who have officially come out as proud for all to see.

And another of de gay media folks who will be having nuptials in New York City as the state of New York became one of the few places in the US where gays and lesbians can wed.

So it is Sam Champion of ABC News/Good Morning America fame will tie the knot with longtime companion Rubem Robierb this New Year's Eve.

Champion and Robierb were among the guests of MSNBC's Thomas Roberts' wedding a week ago today and apparently seeing the wedding cake or drinking some of the fine libations brought about the decision to announce they would be getting hitched and of course in doing so he "officially" came out for more than his friends and colleagues to see. Let's hope Robin Roberts will be well enough to attend and catch the bouquet.

All we need now for a trifecta is for Anderson Cooper to announce he's getting hitched but we know how that was going this summer. But there's always hope for our beloved AC.

So as I say to all I write about who come out, Welcome Home Sam, Welcome Home.

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