Friday, February 15, 2013

Shoop Shooping The Night Away

As often happens I never plan on putting up a daily post any longer. But something will get the writing juices flowing as is the case with this one.

One of my FB peeps put up a video of Cher singing the Shoop Shoop song from the movie Mermaid done in 1991.

Which brought back alot of happy memories and time spent at the now gone The Brook in Westport, CT.

de gay and in my case de bi always (and still do of course) loved Cher, in my case from the days of Sonny and Cher and I've Got You Babe.

Yeah me and the boys would Shoop Shoop the night away at The Brook and when Cher's version of the song came out it became a popular hit and every night it was asked to be played for us guys.

We'd pretty much stand in two conga lines facing each other and doing the routine in the video. The fun part of course was standing opposite guys you didn't know and eventually "checking out" his kiss. It was all done in harmless fun and nobody ever backed away ... hell we had reputations to uphold as a friendly bunch of guys.

Back in 2010 on another version of FOTR I took a stroll down memory lane as The Brook was closing and gave readers an idea of what it was like to be mostly hidden in the closet in the 70's and 80's. I re-posted the article last year. To take that stroll go here.

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