Monday, June 15, 2015

Game Over For Michael Sam Perhaps

"If he doesn't come back, I would think football's over for him" says Jim Popp the General Manager of the CFL's Alouettes in an interview with the Montreal Gazette after Sam left training camp on Friday June 12.

According to the interview Sam asked permission to return home for "personal reasons'. Sam's agent Joe Barkett so far is providing no insight nor does Sam's Twitter account at the time of this writing as to what exactly is going on.

Sam of course became a sensation as an OUT football player giving great hope for many to put a face on sports players who are LGB but otherwise for various reasons need to stay in the closet.

But with that fame comes a confluence of unwanted spotlight for the teams involved. There was much consternation when Sam was to be interviewed by Oprah and then his participation on the ABC-TV show Dancing With The Stars.

It's been said that Sam wants to play football, well if that is true he needs to do so full-time as a player and not get into other distractions of hoofing around a TV studio and sitting down for one of those "The Interview". There will be plenty of time for that later after a career in football.

What he needs to do while he is away from camp is have some deep down soul-searching and ask himself "do I want to play football" or "live off my gay celebrity". Obviously he can't do both at the same time nor should he at the expense of which ever team he plays for.

UPDATE - it is game over Sam decides to give up football .. story from CBS Sports
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