Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boston PD Has Gotten A Bit Prouder

In this day and age of finding fault with police officers, granted rightfully so in some cases, how refreshing to come across this story from Boston.

James Moccia and Shawn Maclver graduated from the Boston Police Academy on June 17.

The two friends met five years ago while both were working security at a bar. Moccia who has a degree in fashion told WBZ-TV in Boston that even though he and Maclver had dreamed of joining the police department Moccia said he put it on the back burner until he was in his 30's and until the time was right for a career given the obstacles for some.

At the graduation ceremony Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said "there's a seat for everyone at the table ... the more diverse we are the stronger we can be". Why would Evans make such remarks you may ask.

Did I mention Moccia and Maclver are more than friends, they are an openly gay couple and Boston Proud.
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