Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Focus On The Rainbow Returns

Dear Friends,

Much has happened this year since March and not all for the better I'm afraid.

In March as some may know and remember I was in a car accident in which I severely injured my right hip and leg which took two surgeries the second of which involved a hip replacement. Then in August I suffered a heart attack due to a blood clot.

In regards to the heart attack as many have pointed out including my doctors, what made the difference between my being here and going to the great beyond was dialing 911, having EMTs coming to the house and getting to the hospital as quickly as I did.

But to be very honest all of this had taken a great toll on me, both physically, medically and psychologically. To the point that while on yet another medical leave during September because of the heart attack and while suffering from brief bouts of depression (from all the anesthesia during the surgeries, angioplasty and then my unknowing future post-heart attack) I did something I have come to regret when I deleted the popular blog Focus On The Rainbow at .

Adding to the above has been, and as a writer and former journalist something almost intolerable, my losing some of my ability to concentrate when writing including but not limited to using and putting words into sense making writing, misspellings and having my writing and thoughts interrupted when my mind goes completely blank thus losing my train of thought. Frustrating is too simplistic a word to describe how I have felt these past months when at one time I was posting once a day, sometimes more, every day for the better part of two years when publishing Focus On The Rainbow, first at Hearst Newspapers, then a website called OutLoudBlogs and then as a stand alone. And with frustration came the lack of desire to continue writing and publishing a blog.

But as with all things, time helps to heal and even though I'm still having some of the aforementioned problems I am finding the desire to write again and circumvent my "handicap".

So it is I have decided to give it another go. While posting may not occur daily as I was once capable to crank out and even though some issues have been settled in regards to the LGBT community, there is still more news and people to focus on in our community and the rainbow world at large.

I hope you will again join me as a reader on this new version of Focus On The Rainbow as I put a spotlight and focus oft with commentary on all things LGBT.


Lyndon Evans
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