Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Transgender Wins Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Vandy Beth Glenn who was a legislative editor for the Georgia General Assembly and was dismissed because of her transition from male to female and subsequent gender reassignment surgery has won her case against the state and a federal appeals court has sided with Glenn in her reinstatement to work for the State of Georgia.

Among the judges who supported Glenn in their decision was Conservative judge William Pryor who was appointed by George W. Bush in 2005 and was among one of the most Conservative federal appeals judges.

In part the ruling read, "An individual cannot be punished because of his or her perceived gender non-conformity". "Because these protections are afforded to everyone, they cannot be denied to a transgender individual."

You can read the full story as reported by CNN here and a background report from TIME here.

While transgender groups are heralding the ruling, all in the LGBT community should also and speaking out and fighting injustice with regards to discrimination against workers both in the private and public sector when it comes to sexual preference and identity.

Boycotts as have and will continue to be suggested by the LGBT elite and bloggers against businesses who perpetrate such discrimination as a "feel good" solution is by no means enough.

Your voice needs to be heard in governmental reprimands to change discrimination laws and if required with your vote on election day.

We as a community have come so far in recent years but still have far to go when it comes to total Equality.
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