Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chilly Day In LGBT Blogosphere

Well let the cat fight begin as Pam Spaulding over at Pam's House Blend has taken a pot shot at the blog/website LezGetReal over the mixed up tale earlier this year when it was "discovered" the aforementioned was run by ... hold on to your pantyhose boys and girls ... a man.

Things really get riled up in the comment section of the posting over who actually runs LezGetReal. As usual and par for the course of the so-called citizen journalist world and the cut/paste frenzy which permeates a great many of the LGBT elite blogs like so much cow manure, it is hard to determine what is or isn't the truth when it comes to LezGetReal. But then does anyone really care who is behind it if it is putting out quality content ? Frankly I believe it does a great service for the L's of the community and because it does so, sometimes without kow-towing to the blogger elites, some jealousy has been introduced by those who think only their blog or website is the place to be.

One thing Spaulding wrote in her piece of which this writer finds of great hypocritical amusement is this line, What I don’t understand is the need to blog as something/someone you are not when there is no need for secrecy or anonymity. As to why it tickles my funny bone can be found in this post by Nelson Garcia over at NG Blog.

Hypocrisy it does have an odor ... stale coffee beans.

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