Sunday, December 25, 2011

Huffington Post Closet Queen

Sometime back The Huffington Post added a section with LGBT news and commentary but with little fanfare. In fact to be honest thanks to these dying brain cells of mine while in the "silver years of life" and three times under anesthesia this year I couldn't tell you what I was reading online which sent me over to Gay Voices on Huff's website.

When I first went there a month or so ago I thought well this will make another good source for LGBT news (commentary is a dime a dozen in this age of LGBT blogs and websites) provided they post new and fresh articles rather than just rehashes from LGBT news sites such as The Washington Blade or The Advocate just to name two of several available online or in a printed format version.

So it is this commentary isn't about the content of Gay Voices but with The Huffington Post itself and the promotion, actually the lack there of, when it comes to the Gay Voices section of the website.

You see boys and girls if you go to the front page of Huff Post you will see in the website's banner the sections for Black Voices and Latino Voices are listed along with other sections of news, commentary and other things available at Huff Post.

However Gay Voices is not listed in the banner. So what's up with that he asks. Could it be Huff Post has added de gay section to win the hearts of GLAAD and HRC and others who will be overjoyed that an online institution such as Huff Post is scattering pink crumbs to de gay but doesn't promote it in the banner as not to offend homophobic readers of the website ?

True when you scroll down the front page you may find a posting or two within the Gay Voices section, however if you truly wish to promote a section within a website such as Huff Post, it should be in the banner along with other "a click away" sections. To do less is a slap in the face to the LGBT community and a hard slap at that.

Merry Christmas Arianna, you and Huff Post have been outed so to say.
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