Thursday, February 16, 2012

Repression Spurs Homosexuality

An interesting theory the headline in this post does make and it's not without some basis in fact as Ramzy Ahmed writes at the website GayStarNews.

Ahmed takes a look at sexual repression in the Muslim country of Qatar which is becoming the playground for the wealthiest of the wealthy in the Middle East but at a cost to those who like the Western lifestyle of booze, sex and song.

On the surface, the staunchly conservative view that homosexuality is a sin, a western disease, and, according to religious leaders like Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi and Bilal Philips, something that should be punishable by death, continues to be the status quo presented to the outside world. And, yet, under the surface, homosexual acts are widespread.

And for those who are of the steadfast conclusion that being gay is not a choice, when there is social repression as can be found in the Middle East and in particular Qatar anyone can be turned even if only for an encounter to relieve one's sexual needs when pent up in a religious imposed repressive society. Qatar would be the perfect microcosm of sexuality for Kinsey to have explored and evaluate how repression equates to homosexuality or at least the act of.

It’s similar to the idea of prison sexuality, harem sexuality or priests who have dedicated their life to celibacy who may seek sexual fulfillment from other sources. It is fair to say that these realities are, in a great part, due to a denial that humans are sexual beings, and that denying sex doesn’t mean that the desires go away. They do come out in one way or another. So, this is happening on a national scale here in Qatar, and other countries in the region.

Could it be we have found the modern age version of ancient Greece and Rome out in the middle of the desert where same-sex partnering isn't necessarily based on one being gay, lesbian or bisexual but just on the human need to find sexual pleasure as one can with another person.

Yes Qatar would indeed be a place of interest for Kinsey.

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