Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Annoying Survivor Poof

Oh great we have an opportunity to be represented as a community on the new season of Survivor and what do we get but a bitchy little queen poof.

While some will argue Colton Cumbie will make a great "villain" Colton has the worst of the anti-gay worst already writing comments on websites, in chat rooms and #survivor on Twitter about Colton and in turn us.

Here's an example of a commenter on the website Barstool Sports which had an article actually in favor of Colton and his playing the game.

Colton may be gayest guy in the world. I have nothing against gays but I have a big problem with that fuckin homo! I have no problem using every offensive hateful slur ever created on that fuckin faggot. He has no shot in hell at winning. If he does I will never watch again. If I ever see that bitch on the streets Im gay bashing him.

In a twist for those not watching, Colton is a Republican, comes from a small town in Alabama, Monroeville which claim to fame is the home town of Truman Capote (another well known but distinguished poof), has a privileged life in which as he said at Tribal Council during last night's episode, knows at least one black person, the family housekeeper and his southern racism more than came out when he found fault and dissed fellow black contestant Bill who got voted out in no small part with Colton's help.

“I’m a country club kid. I’ve never done a thing for myself in my life; I’ve always been taken care of, whether by my mom, my nanny, my boyfriend, whoever. These people are my bitches. I don’t want to do anything.”

That little piece of self-awareness from an outtake of Survivor.

Here's what Paul McKeever who lives in Canada wrote on his blog today about Colton, Colton Cumbie: even though your views are shared by a tiny minority of stuck-up, snobby, lazy, pretentious racists in America, you are everything that the world rightly hates about your country. You unjustly lower the United States of America. You lower men. You lower people who look like you. You lower homosexuals. Your country’s people, of all genetic make-ups, professions, and incomes, not only are better than you: they deserve better than you. And so does Survivor. You shame your country, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Just what we need a racist bitchy poofy queen Republican from the South.


[ UPDATE - 3/22/12 ]

Now after writing the posting above the video one would think I'd be happy to see de bitchy Colton get his comeuppance but I'm not totally heartless.

After what I went through in 2011 with a debilitating car accident a year ago this month which required two operations on my hip (the second giving me an artificial one and I'm still getting the leg back to as near normal as possible) and then an out of the blue heart attack due to a blood clot in August I have empathy for anyone, yes even for Colton, suffering in agony from pain and the unknown of what is wrong from a medical standpoint.

For someone as immature as Colton is it must have scared the bejeebus out of him let alone the fact he may have to throw in the towel and give up his trip on the Survivor game.

Sure I would have rather seen him voted off in proper Survivor style but sometimes a higher authority has other plans even for the most miscreant of miscreants such that Colton is.

But rest assure the producers of Survivor know when they have a good thing for their show and Colton will be back to reign his terror of bullying again in another episode. The question is after being on the show and now as he awaits being on the reunion show seeing just how much regular folks "hate" him will he change and become a more gentler and kinder Colton ?

Hopefully not, as in as much as many despise him and his antics a kinder Colton would be a let down when it comes to Survivor villians and yes Colton that is what you are.

Let's just hope that he has learned some sort of lesson when it comes to bullying, much the topic these days both in school and against LGBTs.

I also hope, perhaps in vain on my part, Colton will learn of the great opportunity to break the stereotype of being a bitchy little poof and become a shining example of being LGBT one in which we as a community can root for rather than being ashamed of.

Only time will tell.

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