Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let de Cruise Rumors Begin

So ... Tom Cruise has been served his walking papers by his wife of five years and now let the rumors begin.

Just as John Travolta has been parlayed into de gay rumor mill of late with accusations, some already rescinded, I'm sure de gay or at least bi rumors about Cruise will start.

I haven't bothered to look prior to writing this and quite frankly my dear I don't give a rat's ass damn whether he is gay, bi, straight or likes to do amore' to sheep under a full moon but there will be those who suck up (and make) that kind of gossip like drinking Jonestown Kool-aid.

Only Cruise and his wives and other assorted female partners know for sure and they haven't been talking all these years. To wit I say leave the poor bugger alone.

Who he likes to shack up with is his business and no one else's.

Just be happy we got to see him once in his undies and leave it at that.

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