Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tragedy Brings Out de Nutz

A tragedy as has happened in Aurora, CO brings out the nutcases, even more so in this day and age of "social media".

Example this dumb ass bastard in the video who thinks it's funny to make a mockery of those killed, wounded and traumatized by this event by interviewing "Batman" for his comment on what happened.

There will of course now be again the debate over gun control, security in public places, blame will be tossed beyond the gunman and excuses made for this evil, evil individual.

No doubt mental disease or illness, past family situations or other issues will be made for the madness of the gunman.

But what excuse will be made for the idiot in the video and others who have or will make a mockery of what has happened ?

There is none and as far as this very opinionated writer sees it, he and others who get their jollies to make "funny" videos or idiotic tweets or FB postings should be taken out behind the barn, no make that put in the public square and horsewhipped.

I can hardly wait until some fool takes the movie trailer for Dark Knight Rising and make a mockery "funny" video using trailer footage interspersed with what has transpired in Aurora.

They too should be horsewhipped ... or worse. Like a lawsuit from Warner Brothers for not only copyright infringement but willfully misuse of content.

One can only hope.

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