Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Correct Blame For Janesville WI

Much ado is being made about Vice-President hopeful Paul Ryan and his blaming POTUS Obama while others are blaming former President Bush for the General Motors plant in Janesville, WI closing.

While all things are semantics and spin in politics particularly at election time, the blame for the plant's closing can neither be put at the feet of Obama nor Bush but squarely at the feet of General Motors.

The plant which was scheduled to close by 2010 assembled gas guzzler vehicles and GM was not of the mind to retool the plant in favor of more economical vehicles and saving jobs.

I doubt very much that the former workers of GM and other businesses affected by the plant's closing in Janesville care to see their economic plight being used for political folly and talking head media banter, both Liberal and Conservative.

Whether Ryan misspoke either on purpose or perception of when the plant actually closed, the point which needs to be made, one which the residents of Janesville would agree, it's all about jobs. Who made what promises, who did or did not deliver, and who can or can't do a better job will all weigh in this election.

As the old line goes, it's the economy stupid. Not about political rhetoric spoken at a political convention. Just ask the good folks of Janesville, WI.

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