Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Probation In War Of The Hoses Case

Hunky former FDNY firefighter 29 year-old Taylor Murphy got a five year probation sentence in his he-to-she slap fest of alleged hooker Claudia Charriez (in photo) back in 2011 during a tryst in a NYC Times Square hotel.

Murphy who once posed for a calendar photo shoot and likes his ladies with a little bit more between the legs beat the rap of choking Charriez but got a misdemeanor charge of slapping de bitch with a $400 fine and a felony conviction for contempt of court when he called and text Charriez 1,000 times even though contact was a no-no.

As a result of his alleged abuse of Charriez and conviction he lost his job with the FDNY in December.

During the trial which the NYC media dubbed "The War Of The Hoses", Charriez while on the stand claimed she "ain't no ho" despite having at the time an online ad for her escorting services to the tune of 400 bucks a pop or date if you prefer.

Charriez who is reported to be by the NYC media a pre-op transsexual did not attend Monday's sentencing but did offer a written statement which was read into the record before sentencing.

The T's no doubt will have their pantyhose and knickers all knotted up over the probation sentencing and also the article in today's edition of the New York Post owned by Rupert Murdoch which uses the sub-headline for the article "Bravest gets off easy on she-male beat".

For those who wish to offer their displeaure of the use of she-male in the newspaper article can send an email to the New York Post article writer via laura.italiano@nypost.com .

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